With some of the lowest acceptance rates in the world, elite universities are notoriously difficult to be admitted into. Your application profile will need to be cohesive in order to be competitive among the thousands of other students seeking to be admitted. Our team has received offers from every Ivy League school, MIT, and others — we know what it takes to help you maximize your chances of success.

Student Spotlight: Lucas

By adopting College Crane's strategies, Lucas managed to secure an admission to Harvard University despite a relatively weak high school GPA of 3.6 and being an international student. Such a score usually warrants a rejection from a top tier school. So what did Lucas do differently from others? It turns out he was able to catch the eye of admissions officers by presenting himself as a wholesome candidate. By doubling-down on the often overlooked application segments (interview, essay, recommendations), he was able to find success in packaging himself as someone Harvard needed among their incoming class.



In addition to basic services for admissions guidance, our elite university admissions package offers the following to increase the likelihood of admission:

Elite Experts

To get in a top university, we will put together a team of recent graduates from the top universities you wish to get in to help you with your application. These experts know what it takes to be admitted and will guide you along what admissions expects. 

Student Matching

Through our network, you will be matched with students currently attending the elite universities you wish to attend. Any question you may have about the school can be asked with us, along with as many additional call or video sessions with student peers as you wish at these schools.

Extra Polishing

In addition to our polishing services through our expert team, we will send your essay for comments by students who currently attend your universities of choice. This extra set of eyes reading your essay by current students ensures that the messages conveyed by the essay fits will with the culture at the college. 

Extra Coaching

Prior to every interview, we will match you with a current alumni interviewer at that university. These mock interviews will ensure that you know what to expect when the time comes. 


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