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Analytics Insights

With our insights with years of admissions data of every major college, the first step is to formulate the expectations of admissions officers from your preferred universities.

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Strategy & Gameplan

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a personalized gameplan to maximize your chances of admission.

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No matter where you are in the application process, our team is ready to work with you around to clock.


Plan Development

With the ever increasing competitiveness of college admissions, it is becoming more and more important to attack the process with a clear plan of action. With our team of experts who have found success many times at your universities of choice, we will help you make smart decisions on EA/ED strategy, school lists, finding opportunities to bolster the application, among others.

Story Packaging

When packaging your application, it is important to consider that there is a market imbalance for college admissions. In other words, there are far more applicants than spots, so it is just as important why a college should want you in addition to why you want to be at that college. With holistic admissions, colleges will wonder if you are able to fit in. We believe you can. Let us help you tell your story. 

Essay Revision

Our resources along with our network of experts give us the unique perspective of seeing what types of essays find success and what types do not. Our team is ready around the clock to help you every step of the essay writing process, from idea generation to drafting to putting the final touches.

Extracurricular Guidance

Whether you have talents in music, art, athletics, volunteering, or other interests, we can help you find ways to strengthen your application to stand out among the thousands of others. Our network includes international prize winning pianists who have performed at Carnegie Hall, recruited athletes, olympiad award winners,  science research award winners, and many others. 


A resume will be helpful for you, interviewers, and others better understand a bird's eye view of your accomplishments. We will custom create a resume just for you with our proprietary resume template developed by former Wall Street bankers — we guarantee your resume will be clean and professional.

Interview Preparation

The alumni interview could make or break your application. What better way to practice interviews is there than to get feedback through real one-on-one mock interviews? We will connect you with current alumni interviewers from Harvard University, Brown University, and other schools.

On-Demand Assistance

Whether you are in a writing block at 2 a.m. or are unsure if you should retake the SAT reading your results at school, we are available anytime to answer any question you have as soon as possible. 


Quantitative & Qualitative Approach

With its platform built by former data scientists with degrees from Harvard and MIT, College Crane built its strategy with years of admission data along with interviews with over a hundred students. The result is a platform that helps you make the smartest decisions.

Successful Consultants

No matter which university you are applying to, we have you covered. Our team has found success at many of the top universities in the United States, and we are ready to share with you our secrets.

5:1 Consultant to Student Ratio

At College Crane, we believe in a personalized approach to admissions, and we take this philosophy to the extreme. Because we only work with 10 students every year, you will have the undivided attention of 5 consultants. We guarantee you will have many experts helping you.

Anytime Assistance

No matter how big or small your question is, we encourage you to ask us. We believe you deserve the best answers at any hour of the day.


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